Huawei HarmonyOS API Version 7 released

According to the information, Huawei HarmonyOS SDK released the first beta version, which supports the development of Huawei smart screens, smart wearables, and car equipment based on HarmonyOS. Now, you can get the new version – HarmonyOS SDK 3.0 Beta (API Version 7).

Compared with the previous version, a new ArkUI 3.0 development framework has been added. At the same time, JS API 7 provides developers with richer capabilities in program frameworks, telephone services, media, and public basic libraries.

The new ArkUI 3.0 development framework

The Huawei Developer Conference HDC2021 officially launched the ArkUI 3.0 development framework . Based on the original JS-based web-like development paradigm, a newly designed declarative development paradigm based on TS extension was added. It supports TypeScript programming language and adopts closer The declarative paradigm syntax of natural semantics allows developers to intuitively describe the UI interface without worrying about how the framework implements UI drawing and rendering, achieving minimalist and efficient development.

At present, the declarative development paradigm based on TS extension has supported 32 UI components such as Image, Text, List, etc., and 8 dynamic effects such as implicit animation and explicit animation.

JS API 7 new interface

JS API 7 adds nearly 6000 interfaces , covering distributed data management subsystem, telephone service subsystem, image and graphics subsystem, etc., allowing developers to develop fully functional user applications through JS API.

JS API 7 focuses on adding the following 4 interfaces:

The new interface of the public basic library: including the capabilities of Parcel, URL, and codec library.

New window/webgl interface for graphics and image subsystem: Provides the basic capabilities of WebGL rendering. Developers can develop games and window applications based on WebGL. The new interface of the telephone service subsystem: Provides telephone service capabilities based on the cellular network, including various modules such as SIM card, network search, SMS, cellular data, call management, and network management.

The new interface of the multimedia subsystem: It mainly includes media capabilities such as audio and video, media library, image codec, etc., which supports the commercial appeal of X1 Gallery, and simultaneously helps HarmonyOS’s northward ecological expansion.

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