Huawei HAS 2020 Global Analyst Summit Highlights

Huawei Analyst Summit was held in Shenzhen. The event, organized for the first time with an online participation infrastructure; More than 2,000 analysts and media representatives from many fields, including the telecommunications and finance sectors, participated. At the event, the participants discussed the importance of working together in this difficult period and discussed ways to accelerate the development of the smart world.

Huawei HAS 2020 Global Analyst Summit

In his speech at the opening of the event, HUAWEI Recycled CEO Guo Ping shared the experiences of the company in the last year with the figures. While presenting a presentation entitled ” HUAWEI: One Year and Beyond “, Guo Ping made the following statements;

“Over the past year, many technologies have become inaccessible to us. Despite this, HUAWEI has struggled to survive and continues to advance. HUAWEI has been actively contributing to the information and communication technologies industry for a long time. Since the day it was founded, the company has been working diligently to spread digitalization to more people, more homes and institutions to take the world further. For more than 30 years, HUAWEI has installed more than 1,500 communication networks in more than 170 countries and regions and has served more than 3 billion people worldwide. In addition, it offered its smart devices to 600 million consumers. toBD’s actions against HUAWEI do not only harm HUAWEI, but also the experience of people and institutions using HUAWEI’s products and services. ”

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Information and communication technologies infrastructure is the basis of the smart world. By 2025, the digital economy will represent a $ 23 trillion industry. The information and communication technologies industry has great potential. On the way to the smart world, it is possible to see many opportunities that this industry provides.

Looking ahead, HUAWEI will continue to invest and innovate in three areas; Communication networks, smart computing, and smart devices. With our customers and business partners; We will work together in areas such as new organizations, enlarging the supply chain, setting standards, and training new skills. In this way, we will continue on our way to promote open collaboration and inclusive industry development, and most importantly, to explore the future together.

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“Today’s world is an integrated collaboration ecosystem. The globalization trend should never be reversed. Split, different standards and supply chains do not benefit anyone, and fragmentation and division will have a serious impact on the entire industry. The industry as a whole should work together to promote the global supply chain to protect intellectual property rights, fair competition, and unified global standards. ”

We categorically oppose the last decision of the USA

A statement was also made at the summit regarding the restriction decision regarding the semiconductor products purchased by the US Department of Commerce.

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“The US government added HUAWEI to the List of Assets on May 16, 2019 without any justification. This decision restricts the use of a number of key industrial and technological elements by us. However, we are determined to abide by the rules and regulations announced by the USA. During this period, we fulfilled our contractual obligations for our customers and suppliers and continued to survive and progress despite everything. ”

However, the US government has continued to make decisions and ignore all the concerns of the industry in a way that will increase the concerns of many companies and industry associations in the framework of their efforts to continuously increase the pressure in our company. These arbitrary and damaging decisions threaten the entire industry.

This new rule will affect the expansion, maintenance, and sustainable operations of the hundreds of billions of dollars in the network we offer in more than 170 countries. It will also affect the communication services of more than 3 billion users using HUAWEI products and services worldwide.

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The US government deliberately turned its back on the interests of its customers and consumers to intervene in an industry-leading company from another country. This approach also contradicts the US government’s rhetoric about all this for the security of communication networks.

This decision of the US government does not only affect HUAWEI. It will have a serious impact on many global industries. In the long term, this decision will undermine trust and cooperation in the global semiconductor industry, to which many industries depend, increasing conflict and job loss in this area.

The USA uses all its technological means to neutralize different companies outside its borders. This will only serve to undermine international companies’ reliance on US technology and supply chains, and will ultimately harm US interests.

As HUAWEI, we thoroughly review the announced new rules and inevitably expect our business processes to be negatively affected. As a company, we will do our best to look for a solution. We wish our customers and suppliers to continue to be with us and hope to minimize the impact of this discriminatory rule.”


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