Huawei HiRobot WhatsApp service expanding in 18 other countries

Huawei has its own HiRobot chatbot. HiRobot takes care of the customer from the first minute of an inquiry and asks for basic information for further support. Now, the Huawei HiRobot WhatsApp service is expanding in 18 other countries.

HiRobot is very efficient and effective because the customer request is being pre-qualified in first-level support, and the being passed-on to a human colleague in charge.

Huawei smartphones clients have the choice of reaching the administration team via WhatsApp on the Service Center site or through the HUAWEI support application “Support” – which is preinstalled on all HUAWEI gadgets.

The HUAWEI support team manages all incoming WhatsApp messages with the help of MessengerPeople’s Messenger Communication Platform – a software solution specially developed for professional customer communication via Messenger such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, Telegram, Viber and Notify.

“HUAWEI is setting the best example for developments in messenger marketing,” says Matthias Mehner, Chief Marketing Officer of MessengerPeople.

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