Huawei home storage device launching on September 6, 2022

Huawei Mate 50 series is launching on September 6. Now, the company has teased another product launch for the same event.

Yes, the new home data center or storage device will be the first to be powered by HarmonyOS. It can be seen from the poster that Huawei Home Storage should be a private home storage device, independent of the cloud disk.

Huawei Home Storage will be available in black color, the whole machine is rectangular in design, similar to a computer host, and the front panel is printed with Huawei LOGO.

For example, the NFC logo is printed in the middle of the front panel of Huawei Home Storage, which is expected to support direct connection of Huawei mobile phones using NFC touch and can quickly access the content.

Huawei home storage device

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