Huawei Hubble has invested in Wuxi Haoda [RF, SAW Filters]

Hubble Technologies was formed on April 23 in Shenzhen last year. It is a subsidiary of Huawei with a registered capital of RMB 700 million. Hubble has invested in Wuxi Haoda Electronics Co., Ltd. On January 6, Haoda Electronic’s industrial and commercial registration information changed, and Hubble Investment was added as an investor, but the specific shareholding ratio is unknown.

The registered capital of Haoda Electronics also increased from about 66.848 million yuan to 70.895 million yuan. Haoda Electronics products include IF SAW filters, SAW resonators, duplexers and other RF filters. The products are widely used in mobile phones, communication base stations, automotive electronics and other RF communication fields.

For now, there are many types of filters, including multilayer ceramic filters, monolithic ceramic filters, acoustic filters, cavity filters, and so on. In the field of smart phone RF front-ends, acoustic filters are mainly used, including SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) filters and BAW (Bulk Acoustic Wave) filters.

The data shows that SAW filters are mainly applicable only to the frequency band below 2.5GHz. Since the currently commercialized 5G frequency bands in the world are mainly in Sub-6GHz, there is a great demand for corresponding SAW filters. Take a 5G mobile phone in the mid-to-high-end band as an example, which may require lots of SAW filters.

5G frequency bands
5G frequency bands

The investment made by Huawei Hubble in Wuxi Haoda Electronics is an earlier domestic company that deployed SAW filters. Other domestic BAW filter manufacturers include McGee Technology, Ruihong Technology, Xinwei Communication, CLP Deqing Huaying, Huayuan Microelectronics, etc.

Also, Huawei Hubble invested in Allstar Electronics, which is expected to promote Allstar Electronics’ SAW filters into Huawei’s supply chain and accelerate the development of BAW filters.


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