Huawei introduces industry’s first large-model hybrid cloud

As per the Huawei Cloud press release, the Huawei Cloud Industry Summit Forum 2023 was recently opened in Beijing. During the meeting, Huawei Cloud launched the industry’s first large-model hybrid cloud and released the “Deep Cloud Usage Outlook 2025” white paper and deep cloud usage action plan.

Huawei Cloud Stack 8.3

Reportedly, the Huawei Cloud Stack 8.3 is the first in the industry to implement large model capabilities based on hybrid cloud deployment, providing the industry’s most complete AI production chain such as computing power platform, cloud services, development kits, and professional services, helping government and enterprise customers build exclusive large model capabilities in one stop.

Huawei Cloud Stack has made four major optimizations for large model scenarios :

  • Native hybrid cloud capabilities.
  • Model training performance is improved by 45%.
  • It provides three types of tool suites, allowing enterprises to efficiently complete data cleaning, model development, and application development, and lower the development threshold.
  • AI training to run stably for more than 30 days through the ability to resume training without any sense of breakpoints.

Huawei Cloud Stack 8.3

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