Huawei is set to share Source Code and 5G Technology

Huawei has recently opened a Smart Mining Innovation Lab in Taiyuan on February 9, 2021. Huawei’s founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei emphasized the importance of open trade policies at the opening of the Lab.

At the event, he said Huawei is ready to transfer 5G technology, including source code, hardware design secrets, to facilitate global innovation. Also, according to the industry report, the company has the most patents for 5G capabilities, followed by US chip maker Qualcomm.

“We are open to not only licensing production but also transferring all of our 5G technologies to others. This will include all hardware design secrets, as well as source programs and source code for knowledge and chip design, ”he said.

Calling for open trade policies, Zen said that both the US and China should improve their economies. This is good for our societies and helps financial balance.

“Everyone needs this (5G). As humanity progresses, no single company can develop a globalized industry. It requires concerted efforts around the world, ”added Zen.

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