Huawei Kirin Bilibili account is quietly goes online

According to the latest information, Huawei Kirin silently registered and applied for an official account at station B. There is no content uploaded as well as profile.

Kirin is a chip product designed by Huawei HiSilicon Semiconductor. The company was founded in April 2004, formerly known as Huawei IC Design Center founded in 1991.

As can be seen from HiSilicon’s official website, Kirin chips currently include two categories: flagship and mid-to-high-end. 930, Kirin 920, Kirin 910, etc., while mid-to-high-end products include Kirin 985, Kirin 820, Kirin 810, Kirin 710, Kirin 650, Kirin 620, etc.

Unfortunately, the company hasn’t launched any new Kirin chips in recent years, and the new mobile phones launched cannot support 5G networks. Stay tuned for more upcoming information.

Huawei Kirin Bilibili account is quietly goes online

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