Huawei L3 powered Jietu X-1 car announced [JETOUR]

In July 2021, JETOUR Motors has become one of the four major brands paralleling Chery Automobile, Kaiyi Automobile, and Xingtu Automobile. The company has released the new X-1 SUV, which adopts the self-developed “Kunlun” architecture platform, is powered with Huawei’s high-end L3 autonomous driving assistance system, and the latest research and development results of Smart Cockpit 3.0 and Healthy Cockpit 4.0.

At that time, the official Chinese name of Jietu X-1 was still being collected. On January 1, 2022, Jietu officially announced that the new car X-1 was officially named “Jietu Great Sage “.

Jietu X-1 will be equipped with Chery Kunpeng DHT hybrid system and Chery core fuel-powered platform. In addition, the four-wheel drive version of this model is also equipped with a rear-mounted single motor, which can realize 9 working modes including pure electric drive, extended-range mode drive, parallel mode drive, engine direct drive, etc., to balance different scenarios Fuel consumption and power requirements.

Huawei L3 powered Jietu X-1 car Huawei L3 powered Jietu X-1 car Huawei L3 powered Jietu X-1 car-1


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