Huawei launched a new 5G AR enterprise router

On July 19, Huawei launched a new generation of 5G AR (NetEngine AR series) enterprise routers, providing powerful 5G uplink capabilities, and the full range of supporting SD-WAN, which can well meet the rapid increase in bandwidth and quality of enterprise branch wide area networks experience and simplify the needs of operation and maintenance.

The 5G AR router is equipped with the Balong 5000 chip and supports Huawei’s 5G super uplink black technology, which greatly increases the 5G transmission rate and reduces the air interface delay. 5G Super Uplink is the first time-frequency combination technology for wireless communication, which can increase the uplink rate of 5G users by 20-50%, and meet the uplink large bandwidth requirements of various industries such as smart banking, and smart factories. 5G AR not only supports 5G networks but also realizes 3G/4G/5G full Netcom.

The full range of Huawei 5G AR supports SD-WAN. By monitoring the quality of the network in real-time, and according to the quality requirements of the application for SLA, on multiple wide-area links with different network qualities, it dynamically and automatically selects the ones that meet the application SLA quality requirements.

Huawei launched a new 5G AR enterprise router

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