Huawei launched Cloud mobile phone

Huawei Cloud released the 2020 “new flagship”-Kunpengyun mobile phone. It is useful for playing cloud mobile games. This smartphone is the best alternative for a daily basis. Then you can choose the Kunpeng Yun mobile phone.

Huawei Cloud Smartphone (Huawei Yunpeng Pengyun mobile phone) is based on the Huawei Yunpeng Peng bare metal server.

Huawei Yunpeng Peng cloud service solution comprehensively introduces the value and significance of the products and services provided by Huawei Yunpeng Peng cloud service. In the challenge of innovation, using the innovation methodology and relying on Huawei Yunpeng Pengyun services, it will realize the challenge of innovative application of government digital management. Quickly appreciate the combination of technological innovation and actual scenarios, highlighting the integration of innovation theory and innovation tools.

Cloud phones can be used in scenarios such as application intelligent hosting, cloud mobile games. Crowdcasting and interactive entertainment, and mobile office.

Huawei Cloud specifications include, rx1.medium.2 can issue 60 cloud mobile phone instances, as low as September / each mobile phone instance. Applicable scenarios: application hosting | simulation testing | mobile office | cloud gaming, single cloud phone resolution 720×1280, single cloud phone standard specifications 2 cores | 3.5 GB memory | 10 GB storage, priced at ¥ 5950 / server/month.

Huawei Cloud Smartphone

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