Huawei launches AI-assisted diagnostic service for coronavirus

Huawei cloud in partnership with Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Lanwon Technology has recently developed and launched an AIassisted quantitative medical image analysis service to aid faster COVID-19 diagnosis, said a press release.

This service will make a major role in improving the infrastructure which can accurately and quickly detect the viral infection. The National Health Commission of China has now officially included the diagnosis solutions offered through the service alongside its own prescribed treatment and detection solutions, which were published back in 4th February 2020.

With HUAWEI CLOUD’s leading AI technologies such as computer vision and medical image analysis, the service can automatically, quickly, and correctly output CT quantification results to imaging and clinical doctors, said the release.

This is help to deal with the shortage of imaging doctors who can accurately diagnose COVID-19, relieve the pressures of quarantines and reduce the heavy workload for doctors, it added.

The service also utilizes the powerful computing capability of Huawei Ascend series AI chips to provide quantization result of a single case in seconds.


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