Huawei launches new courses for the female developer program

On November 27, Huawei released a message on its WeChat official account, announcing that the Huawei Developer Academy has recently launched a number of courses for developers, including courses for female developers. In addition, a number of recent courses offer limited-time discounts, and the event will last until January 10, 2022.

female developer program

Huawei stated that in order to eliminate barriers to entry in the technology industry and encourage more talents to enter the technology industry, Huawei launched the Huawei Women Developer Program in March 2021 and continues to carry out activities of various scales to support and empower people in the industry. female.

Huawei’s “TAKE” series of courses are permanently free, and the content includes changes in the technology industry from the perspective of women, and how women join the technology industry.

The discounted courses of the Huawei Developer Academy are as follows:

Huawei launches new courses for the female developer

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