Huawei made these 3 announcements on April Fool’s day 2020

Welcome to another year of April Fool’s Day. If you recall, Huawei’s South Africa official Twitter handle announced on April Fool’s Day in 2018, that Huawei’s overseas name was changed from “HUAWEI” to “WAHWAY”.


This year Huawei has made 3 announcements on April Fool’s day.  let’s check one by one.

HUAWEI NeuralHub

Huawei has three creative ideas for April Fool’s Day this year, namely HUAWEI NeuralHub (NeuralHub, NeuralHub S, NeuralHub Pro), HUAWEI AI Paper, and animal language translation collar. The poster shows it will arrive on April 17.

Huawei NeuralHub

Huawei AI Working Paper

Huawei AI Paper series of manuals can efficiently obtain information by eating, pasting, and folding, a bit like the memory bread in Doraemon, but the price is not cheap, starting from 5999, the student party should be quite It ’s like a book.

Huawei AI Paper

Animal Language Translation Collar

As the name suggests, the animal language can be translated in real-time after you put it on the animal.

Animal Language Translation Collar Huawei

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