Huawei Mate X3 first software update brings camera features

Huawei Mate X3 latest foldable smartphone is now getting the first software update. The update is now rolling out with the version HarmonyOS (SP7C00E130R3P2), which is 1.32GB in size. As per the changelog, it brings new camera zoom ring. Check the full changelog below.

Huawei Mate X3 First Update Changelog

Hover mode

Added the function of hovering to take pictures. The hovering mode not only frees your hands, but also flexibly switches the shooting angle to create various shooting effects and experience more shooting fun.

Added the function of hovering and watching movies. When watching movies in full screen, fold the phone to the hovering state, watch movies on the upper half of the screen, and control playback, pause, fast forward, and adjust volume on the lower half of the screen.


A new zoom ring is added to provide you with real and comfortable motor vibration feedback during the focusing process, restoring the camera zoom control experience, making the zoom more handy and the focus more accurate.

Optimize the photo effect and improve the image quality.


Optimize the experience of using two-way Beidou satellite messages.


Optimize the interface display and animation effects of some scenes.


Huawei Mate X3 first software update brings camera features

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