Huawei MatePad Paper ink tablet launched

At the MWC 2022 conference, Huawei officially released the MatePad Paper ink tablet. As per the specifications, the screen size of this ink tablet is 10.3 inches, and the screen ratio reaches 86.3%; 4+64GB specifications, 4 weeks of battery life, support fingerprint unlocking.

It supports 32-level brightness adjustment, imitation paper High-quality book design, weighs only 360g; supports intelligent refresh technology, reading text is clearer; can achieve 256 grayscale effects.

Huawei MatePad Paper ink tablet
Huawei MatePad Paper ink tablet

Huawei MatePad Paper also supports the second generation of M-Pencil, which supports 26ms low latency and 4096 pressure sensitivity. In terms of software, MatePad Paper supports handwriting and speech-to-text input.

Huawei MatePad Paper ink tablet (1)

Huawei MatePad Paper is equipped with HarmonyOS 2 system, and also supports Super Device, which can communicate with mobile phones, notebooks, etc. In addition, Yu Chengdong also said that MatePad Paper can download specific apps in the app store. In terms of price, Huawei MatePad Paper costs 499 euros.

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