Huawei MatePad Pro 13.2 tablet HarmonyOS version

Huawei has recently started rolling out the HarmonyOS 4.2 beta for MatePad Pro 13.2-inch tablet experience. This activity aims to test the “air gesture” feature with the new update.

As per the update changelog, some registered users are now getting version (SP2C00E200R1P11log), and the update package size is 6.00GB.

Huawei MatePad Pro 13.2 tablet HarmonyOS version


The screen refresh rate of some video applications can support up to 120 Hz, making the video viewing experience smoother (setting method: Settings → Display and brightness → Screen refresh rate → High).

Intelligent perception

New air-to-air gestures such as air-to-air screenshots and air-to-air swipe screens allow you to free your hands and gain more smart sensing experience (you can enter the “Playing Skills” app to explore and learn how to use it).


Optimize the background blur effect of some scenes to make the visual experience more refined.

Huawei’s Pura 70 series mobile phones debuted a new version of Ark Engine’s dynamic effects, adding support for real-time background blur effects in the control center.

HarmonyOS 4.2 news

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