Huawei MindSpore downloads exceeded 1 million

On the occasion of the 38th session, the operations Director of Huawei MindSpore says Mindspore is Huawei’s open source and self-developed all-scenario AI computing framework, which can greatly simplify the development process of developers and achieve better performance on different hardware.

Hu Xiaoman is the initial participant of the Mindspore open source framework. As the operation director of the MindSpore open source community, Hu Xiaoman needs to lead the team to undertake the work of R&D and operation.

At the busiest time, Hu Xiaoman often works day and night: meeting with his team and customers during the day, starting to write code at night, and even shooting and editing popular science videos in his spare time.

In less than a year after the open source, MindSpore has reached 100,000 downloads. Then, after a whole year of development in 2021, MindSpore’s downloads reached 1 million – which can be regarded as a very fast growth rate in the open source community in the industry.

Huawei MindSpore Huawei MindSpore-1 Huawei MindSpore-2

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