Huawei Mobile Services HMS Core 6.0 starts public testing

Huawei Mobile Service HMS Core 6.0 has started public testing in the Huawei Public Test App. According to the official introduction, HMS Core is a collection of the open capabilities of Huawei’s terminal cloud services, helping you build high-quality applications efficiently.

As per the testing of the HMS Core 6.0, install AutoNavi Maps or Baidu Maps App through the Huawei App Market and open the positioning permission, select the walking mode, enter the destination, select the route, turn on the navigation, and walk.

Huawei previously officially announced that HMS Core 6.0 will be released soon. Huawei’s consumer cloud service HMS Core platform said that thanks to HMS Core’s rich open capabilities and complete technical solutions, as well as all-around and full-process service support, the number of global integrated HMS Core applications reached 134,000, making it the third-largest in the world Mobile application.

Last year in July, Huawei has officially introduced the next version of HMS Core – HMS Core 5.0. Huawei HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) Core getting the latest version with improvement in certain services and enhances account security. HMS Core 5.0 has 7 new Kits in the Media, Graphics, and System categories.

HMS Core (HCore) provides basic services for your Huawei devices, such as HUAWEI ID and payments. Simply log in to your HUAWEI ID to access AppGallery, Cloud, Health, and more. If you’re a developer, HMS Core helps you enhance your app’s user experience by providing features such as push notifications, quick logins, in-app payments, machine learning, as well as map and game services.

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