Huawei new S55, S65 smart screen is listed

Huawei has now officially listed its three new smart screens, S55, S65, and S75 and now the company has added two more screens S55 and S65, priced at 3,299 yuan and 4,299 yuan respectively.

The all-new smart screen S series supports Honghu image quality engine, MEMC fast and smooth, precise image processing, dynamic contrast enhancement, brilliant display, Rhine dual eye protection, and other technologies, and supports 92% DCI -P3 cinematic wide color gamut.

In terms of sound, the S series adopts a 4 speaker unit solution, including 2 10W full-range speakers and 2 10W high-frequency speakers (horn speakers), as well as a 1L independent large sound cavity.

A very important aspect of the Huawei Smart Screen S series is that they have fully adapted to the gaming needs of young users. Moreover, the smart screen S series also specially optimized the screen projection experience, which can achieve a high frame rate of 1080P / 60fps and a delay of fewer than 50 milliseconds.

Huawei’s new S55, 65, and 75 smart screens are equipped with a quad-core processor and are equipped with 3GB + 32GB storage specifications.

Huawei new S55

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