Huawei: No plans to enter the payment market at this time

As we know that, Huawei previously received a mobile payment license through the acquisition of 100% equity in Xunlian Zhipay, becoming the second mobile phone manufacturer to have a payment license after Xiaomi.

It was reported that Huawei was recruiting positions such as mobile payment service engineers, mobile payment financial product managers, e-commerce payment product architects, and e-commerce payment risk control product managers.

At the Huawei Analyst Conference 2021 which was held in Shenzhen. According to the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Cao Chong, President of the Global Financial Business Department of Huawei Enterprise BG, responded to whether Huawei will enter the payment field. He said that Huawei currently has no plans to enter the payment market.

Huawei - No plans to enter the payment market at this time

In the financial field, Huawei’s business core is still to use ICT technology to help and empower financial customers to achieve digital transformation. Huawei Pay was launched in 2016, and Huawei has been working in the financial field for many years.

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