Huawei Nova 11 uses HiCar 3.0: Shake the phone map to seamlessly transfer between cars and device

On April 17, 2023, Huawei officially launched the Nova 11 series. At the event, the official says, the Nova 11 series is equipped with Huawei HiCar 3.0 car interconnection system, which has a new upgrade experience, including shaking automatic navigation (seamless flow from mobile phones ) to the car machine), dynamic display of desktop lyrics, voice support for the interruption and automatic switching between dark and light modes.

It is like Apple’s Carplay which contains the following features.

Safe interaction: Minimalist interaction based on safety (Safety).

Non-inductive interconnection: Mobile phone/IoT device and car non-inductive full interconnection (Smart Connection).

Hardware mutual assistance: Resource sharing between mobile phones and cars (Resource Sharing).

Ecological sharing: User experience flows seamlessly inside and outside the car (Seamless Experience).

Huawei Nova 11 uses HiCar 3.0

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