Huawei Nova 5 Pro EMUI 10.1 Beta version released

Huawei has officially released EMUI 10.1 beta version for the Huawei Nova 5 Pro smartphone users. The update brings version number EMUI and includes screen sharing, multiscreen collaboration and more.

Huawei Nova 5 Pro EMUI Compatible Model & Version:

  • Huawei Nova 5 Pro – SEA-AL10
  • →

Huawei Nova 5 Pro EMUI Changelog:

  • Screen Sharing.
  • Multi-screen collaboration.
  • Answer calls directly from computers/laptops.
  • Distributed file system (Gallery)
  • Fingerprint Animation
  • Knuckle gestures

Fingerprint Animation:

EMUI 10.1 Fingerprint Animation

How to capture a knuckle screenshot?

1. Open “Settings” and select “Smart assistance”.

2. Touch “Motion control > Smart screenshot” and turn on the “Smart screenshot” switch.

3. Full screenshot: Knock the screen firmly with your knuckle twice to capture the current screen in full. (By default, screenshots are stored in “Gallery”, within the “Screenshots” folder.)

4. Partial screenshot: Knock the screen firmly with your knuckle. Drag your knuckle around the area you want to capture, and then return to the starting point. Your selection is displayed on the screen; the area inside the blue line will be captured. You can also select the screenshot box at the top of the screen for different screenshot shapes.

Note – This version is rolling for those users you have successfully registered for the Internal beta program.


If you have received the latest EMUI update on your smartphone, you can send us an email at ([email protected]) with Screenshots/Updates/Versions/Changelogs.

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