Huawei November 2022 EMUI security details released

Huawei has released the November 2022 EMUI security patch details. Recently, Huawei launched the EMUI 13 version for global units which includes several new features.

The security patch includes fixing the issues and bug that was found in the earlier version as well improve the system performance.

Huawei November 2022 EMUI security details released

Critical: CVE-2022-25720.

High: CVE-2022-20412, CVE-2022-20413, CVE-2022-20422, CVE-2022-20421, CVE-2021-0696, CVE-2021-0699, CVE-2021-0951, CVE-2022-20423.

Medium: CVE-2021-39758, CVE-2022-20415, CVE-2022-25664, CVE-2022-25666, CVE-2022-20253, CVE-2022-20257, CVE-2022-20269, CVE-2022-20273, CVE-2022-20278, CVE-2022-20290, CVE-2022-20313, CVE-2022-20314, CVE-2022-20333, CVE-2022-20334.

Low: none

Already included in previous updates: CVE-2022-20247, CVE-2022-20271, CVE-2022-20272, CVE-2022-20292, CVE-2022-20297, CVE-2022-20302, CVE-2022-20399, CVE-2021-0986.

Huawei November 2022 EMUI security details released

Now, as per the Huawei EMUI November 2022 security bulletin there are a total of 1 Critical CVE, 8 high levels of CVEs, 14 medium, and 8 CVEs that were included in the previous updates. Also, there is no low level of CVE.


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