Huawei obtained a patent authorization for dual-mode headset

In Huawei’s patent list, the company has obtained a new patent authorization for a “dual-mode headset” with the publication number CN111133364B. As per the patent details, the dual-mode VR and AR headset includes a head connection device, a mainframe connected to the head connection device, and a pivot frame.

The pivot frame includes a bracket for placing an electronic device with a display screen and a reflective screen for reflecting content displayed on the display screen. The pivot frame is pivotally connected to the main frame to allow the pivot frame to move between the first pivot frame position and the second pivot frame position relative to the mainframe.

Huawei dual-mode headset patent

At the first pivot frame position, the reflective screen at least partially intersects the field of view of the user wearing the headset, and at the second pivot frame position and when the electronic device is placed on the stand, the display screen at least partially intersects the field of view.

Dual-mode headset Huawei Patent



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