Huawei obtained two-way charging of new energy vehicles patent

Huawei has officially obtained a patent authorization for “a charging and discharging switching device, method and two-way charging system” with the publication number CN112638700B. The patent mainly relates to a charging and discharging switching device (200), a method, and a two-way charging system.

The charging and discharging switching device mainly includes a first switch, a second switch, a switching power supply, and a control unit. The two ends of the first switch are used to connect the power supply device, the load device, and the first end of the second switch and the switching power supply, and the second end of the second switch is used to connect the new energy vehicle.

This Huawei patent uses a charge-discharge switching device, which helps shorten the power interruption time of the load equipment. At present, two-way charging technology is more and more widely used in the field of new energy vehicles. New energy vehicles that support two-way charging can bring many conveniences to users. For example, new energy vehicles can replace power equipment. for the user’s home power supply and other equipment.

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