Huawei officially launched the “Petal Travel” Taxi Quick App

Huawei has officially launched the Petal Travel taxi app for the public beta purpose. The latest App info shows that Petal Travel is Huawei’s latest taxi-hailing app that aggregates high-quality domestic car-hailing suppliers.

Petal Travel now supports cities including Beijing, Shenzhen, and Nanjing. Huawei said that the number of supported cities continues to increase.

Huawei has released this application with the latest app version and the app update size is 73KB. According to the official application description, Petal travel needs to be connected to the Internet to obtain the device, network, application operation, location, order, and account information to provide aggregated taxi services.

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Back in 2022, the Chinese tech giant officially launched the map application Petal Maps for overseas users. In December last year, Huawei released the in-vehicle map Petal Maps and launched the AITO M5. The new car is pre-installed with the in-vehicle map service – Petal Maps, which officially says “brings the HarmonyOS smart cockpit smart navigation experience to the car owner”.

Petal Travel App Image 1 Petal Travel App

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