Huawei openEuler and SUSE jointly release SUSE Linux system

According to the information, at the 4th “Enterprise Cloud Native Innovation Conference” (hereinafter referred to as “ECIC”), enterprise-level open source solution providers SUSE and openEuler officially announced the opening of their strategic cooperation and jointly released SUSE’s openEuler release-Shushuo Linux.

SUSE Linux is developed by SUSE and Huawei openEuler. In the future, SUSE’s unique technology in the Linux field will be gradually added, inheriting SUSE’s professional technical support capabilities in the Linux field, and more importantly, it will be compatible with SUSE Rancher related clouds. Native products continue to innovate in server, cloud, edge computing, and container directions.

Huawei openEuler and SUSE

Public reports show that Huawei has selected SUSE Linux as the basic platform for its communications business applications since 2005. Since 2016, SUSE has become Huawei’s second-largest software provider.


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