Huawei openEuler operating system listed on the Microsoft Store

According to the latest information, Huawei has released a new operating system “openEuler” in September this year, which is an open-source and free Linux distribution platform.

openEuler has been put on the Microsoft Win11/Win10 application store and has launched the Win11/Win10 Linux Subsystem (WSL) version mirror. The latest version is

The WSL subsystem of openEuler is the long-term stable image version 20.03 LTS SP1. Users need to install and enable WSL2 first, and then install openEuler. The specific installation method is basically the same as that of other Linux distributions. You can click here to view the official documentation.

According to the introduction, openEuler is an open-source operating system. The current openEuler kernel is derived from Linux and supports Kunpeng and other processors. It can fully release the potential of computing chips. It is an efficient, stable, and secure open source operating system built by global open source contributors. It is suitable for databases, big data, and clouds. Application scenarios such as computing and artificial intelligence. At the same time, openEuler is a global operating system open source community.

Huawei openEuler operating system listed on the Microsoft Store Huawei openEuler operating system


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