Huawei P40 series: A Perfect Pocket Photo Studio, Shoot Like A Pro

Huawei launched its latest generation of phones, the P40 series, a major breakthrough in mobile photography on March 26, 2020. The P40 series stands out again in this area, with the P40 Pro getting 128 points from DxOMark, a record.

Huawei’s P40 series is a perfect pocket Photo Studio, you can shoot your picture like a real pro. You don’t need to look for any expensive equipment anymore or spend time mastering professional techniques to make professional-quality night shots and studio portraits. Anyone can become a great photographer with the P40 series.

The P40 series is equipped with the new Leica Ultra Vision camera. With a 50 MP Ultra Vision camera, a 40 MP Ultra Wide Cinema camera, the SuperZoom Array with 3x and 10x optical telephoto lens, and a 3D depth detection camera, the P40 Pro + guarantees impeccable definition over the entire focal length and in all lighting conditions.

Huawei P40 Pro

Since the P20 Pro, Huawei’s top P-series models always shoot sharp images in low light. The P40 series Ultra Vision camera is based on a 1/1 28-inch wide-format sensor with 2.44 pixels μm. More light it can receive, and that improves the image quality when the lighting conditions are not optimal.

P40 Pro Low Light Sample

In addition, the P40 series Ultra Vision sensor uses a RYYB color filter, which replaces green pixels with yellow ones. This improves the light output by 40%. Compared to the S20 Ultra’s RGGB sensor, the RYYYB color filter has a much higher light sensitivity. The P40 series is also equipped with the Kirin 990 5G SoC, which is considerably more powerful than its predecessor, the Kirin 980 of the P30. This fifth generation of image processors displays colors much more accurately.

P40 series Ultra Vision sensor

Do you want to shoot like a real pro? You no longer need a digital SLR camera for that. The P40 series’ advancement in mobile photography turns every user into a professional photographer.

The Kirin 990 5G uses the Da Vinci NPU architecture that enables AI calculations and applies next-gen AI algorithms designed specifically for portraits. The NPU can analyze more than 90 facial features and turns every portrait into a beautiful work of art. The multispectral color temperature sensor with IA AWB algorithm significantly improves color accuracy.

P40 Camera

Another asset of the P40 is the launch of the Huawei XD Fusion image engine. This engine ensures high fidelity when combining information captured by multiple cameras and optimizes hair, pupils, tissues and other image structures. It also contributes to enhancing backlit portraits and bokeh, lighting multiple images, and AI processing techniques to prevent overexposure.

Huawei XD Fusion image engine

Photography is a unique means of expression and is undeniably very successful with the general public. With the 3x optical telephoto lens of the P40 Pro, you can take the best and most natural portraits on the market. With a focal length close to that of an 85mm DSLR lens, material distortion is minimized. The portable studio lighting technology from Profoto, a Swedish brand of professional lighting for photography, gives everyone access to professional studio lighting to take their photos to the next level.

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Source: Huawei

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