Huawei P60 to use IMX789+IMX888 sensors

Huawei P60 is expected to be launched in the first quarter of this year. The company will bring more improvement in terms of hardware and software.

According to the DigitalChatStation tipster, the Huawei P60 series will use IMX789 + IMX888 sensors in the main camera for variable aperture. The company is looking to ship a 50MP megapixel camera with these sensors. It has a sensor size of around 1/1.4 inch.

Huawei P60 to use IMX789+IMX888 sensors

The tipster earlier also released the P60 mobile phone case. The picture shows that the P60 has two rear cameras, and the flash is located in the upper right corner.

It is worth mentioning that there was news in the supply chain that Huawei will launch two flagships this year, one is the P60 and the other is the Mate 60. The former is expected to be released around March this year, and the latter around September. It is reported that the Huawei P60 flagship series is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ chip.

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