Huawei phone users can now try the custom homepage with browser

Huawei and Honor smartphone users can now try the custom homepage with the Huawei browser. Check how to customize the homepage.

  • ¬†First of all, you need the latest version of the Huawei browser. After opening, click the three dots in the lower right corner (the homepage of some friends is a classic pattern, click the upper right corner) to enter the settings.
  • Click the homepage setting, select the custom homepage, enter the webpage link, then confirm and exit, close the current page.
  • Reopen the browser, and you will find that the interface has changed to Google’s logo (Google), Choose a high-resolution wallpaper to look it better.
  • Now, Select the “LOGO” option and customize the LOGO pattern (it is also best to have a super clear pattern, otherwise it is hard to see, leave a Huawei logo below to feel it), and you’re done.
  • If there is a problem with the layout, you can click Restore Default to restore it.

For Example:

Custom home page huawei browser

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