Huawei planning a new expansion plan for Petal Travel

Back in July this year, Huawei launched the “Petal Travel” taxi app, which is Huawei’s taxi-hailing application. It also aggregates Chinese high-quality online car-hailing suppliers to provide users with taxi-hailing services. Petal Travel is available in the cities like Beijing, Shenzhen, and Nanjing.

Huawei planning a new expansion plan for Petal Travel

According to people familiar with the matter, Huawei’s goal for Petal Travel is to enter the national market, and it intends to contact more online car-hailing service providers. Currently, it is negotiating with T3 Travel for full access.

According to industry analysts, if Huawei and T3 travel reaches cooperation, the areas of cooperation between the two parties may not only be online car-hailing but may even involve new energy vehicles, autonomous driving, and other businesses.

Recently at Huawei’s HarmonyOS 3 launch event, the company launched with the built-in taxi service Petal Travel. According to He Gang, Chief Operating Officer of Huawei Terminal BG, Petal Travel is an aggregated taxi-hailing software based on Huawei’s self-developed map (Petal Map). Users do not need to download a separate app, but can get the same experience as the app through the service card.

Huawei Petal Travel

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