Huawei plans to land on the HiCar locomotive platform this year

Huawei plans to launch a system this year that allows drivers to use mobile phone navigation, voice assistants and other applications on the car ’s digital dashboard.

The Huawei HiCar platform will allow users to use their mobile phones to operate the air conditioner and door of the vehicle, and other important activities. These control measures are not limited to in-car entertainment systems, but also require cooperation with car manufacturers.

As global demand for mobile phones slows down, the world’s second-largest smartphone maker has partnered with major Chinese automakers such as BYD and Audi to seek for fast-growing connected cars.

A BYD executive recently said that the “Han” electric car, which will be released as early as June, will show the results of cooperation with Huawei.

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Huawei is also developing 5G automotive communications equipment and cloud computing services specifically for autonomous driving. The company has worked closely with more than 30 automakers on technology development, including China’s state-owned SAIC Motor.

According to the latest report, BYD’s new car cooperated with Huawei, and the executives said: Tesla’s license is finished, and it is our turn to appear.


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