Huawei-powered EV maker sets 100k EV delivery target in 2023

The EV market is rapidly growing worldwide and the Chinese electric vehicle maker Avatr is aiming for deliveries of more than 100,000 vehicles in 2023.

The company is looking to introduce the second production model, a mid-to-large-sized electric sedan soon. The EV brand did not reveal further details about its second car, but added that it will also launch a rear-wheel drive version of the Avatr 11 crossover, its first model launched in late 2021 and delivered to customers in December 2022.

This car is built jointly formed by Chinese automaker Changan, battery supplier CATL, and telecom giant Huawei, Avatr plans to build a sales network of more than 500 showrooms in the country this year. From the perspective of product hard power, all Avita 11 series are equipped with HI Huawei full-stack smart car solutions as standard, using a smart cockpit developed based on Huawei HarmonyOS, and equipped with Huawei AOS smart driving operating system. In the core three-electric system of new energy vehicles, the motor and electronic control system also adopt Huawei’s solution, and the battery supplier comes from the shareholder CATL.


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