Huawei to pre-install 70 top apps in upcoming phones

Huawei to launch P series smartphones the Huawei P40 & Huawei P40 Pro in the next month (March 26, 2020). The specific list of software will vary from region to region and correspond to the top 70 Google Play. In total, around 70 apps are to be preinstalled, which either belong to the most popular apps in the official Google Play Store or are a useful alternative to these apps if they do not work without the Google Mobile Services.

In some cases, Huawei also wants to offer its own alternatives, as expected, including the Huawei Video service, which will be launched internationally in March. In addition, Huawei naturally installs its own app marketplace, Huawei App Gallery, as before.

Exactly which apps are to be preinstalled as alternatives to e.g. YouTube, Uber, Google Maps and the like is still open. However, recently it was already indicated, for example, that Huawei wants to use apps from the navigation specialist TomTom as an alternative to Google Maps.


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