Huawei published a patent for sleep risk prediction

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. published a patent for “Sleep Risk Prediction Method, Device and Terminal Equipment”, with the publication number CN113520343A.

According to the patent document information, the application can realize personalized sleep quality monitoring and sleep apnea risk assessment by predicting the risk of various subtypes of sleep apnea syndrome in the user to be tested.

  • The application provides a sleep risk prediction method
  • Collect a variety of physiological data of the user to be tested during sleep
  • Extracting feature information of each type of physiological data in the multiple types of physiological data respectively
  • Input the extracted feature information into a preset classifier to obtain sleep risk prediction information output by the classifier

Wherein, the classifier is obtained by training on sample physiological data of a plurality of sample users.

Huawei published a patent for sleep risk prediction



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