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Huawei published a patent related to image rendering

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Huawei has published a new patent related to “a method and terminal equipment for image rendering in panoramic applications”, with the publication number CN113129417A.

According to the information, this application discloses a method for image rendering in panoramic applications. The method first renders the foreground image and then renders the panoramic image as the background. The pixels corresponding to the foreground image have corresponding depth values.

When rendering a panoramic image, you can render the content corresponding to the panoramic image according to the depth value of the pixel on the canvas at the pixel corresponding to the depth standard value. The depth reference value is the depth value of the pixel points except the pixel corresponding to the foreground image.

Huawei’s patent can effectively avoid repeated rendering, which not only reduces resource waste, reduces rendering overhead, but also improves rendering efficiency. It may be subsequently applied to camera imaging and other aspects.

Huawei Patent related to image rendering




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