Huawei publishes May 2023 EMUI security patch details

Huawei has published the May 2023 EMUI security patch details. In the latest May 2023 bulletin, the Chinese tech giant fixes 19 High levels of CVEs and 1 Medium level of CVE. Also, 24 past CVEs were included.

In May 2023 EMUI security, the Chinese tech giant fixes issues related to video frames having a memory out-of-bounds vulnerability caused by additional overflow. It also fixes Gallery Application-related issues.

Huawei publishes May 2023 EMUI security patch details

Critical: No

High: CVE-2022-40503, CVE-2022-36449, CVE-2022-38181, CVE-2022-41757, CVE-2022-42716, CVE-2021-0872, CVE-2021-0873, CVE-2021-0874, CVE-2021-0875, CVE-2021-0876, CVE-2021-0878, CVE-2021-0879, CVE-2021-0880, CVE-2021-0881, CVE-2021-0882, CVE-2021-0883, CVE- 2021-0884, CVE-2021-0885, CVE-2023-20941.

Medium: CVE-2023-0266.

Low: No

Included in previous advisories: CVE-2023-20906, CVE-2023-20951, CVE-2023-20952, CVE-2023-20954, CVE-2023-20955, CVE-2022-25712, CVE-2022-33245, CVE -2023-21065, CVE-2023-21019, CVE-2023-21018, CVE-2022-20532, CVE-2022-20542, CVE-2023-20996, CVE-2023-20997, CVE-2023-20998, CVE-2023 -20999, CVE-2023-21034, CVE-2023-21016, CVE-2023-21024, CVE-2023-21020, CVE-2023-21021, CVE-2023-20994, CVE-2023-21025, CVE-2023-21032.

Affected versions – EMUI 13, EMUI 12, EMUI 11 & EMUI 10.

Huawei May 2023 EMUI patch details

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