Huawei Qingyun W510 desktop is equipped with 24-core Kunpeng 920

As we know that the Huawei has recently released Matestation desktops for consumers, equipped with AMD processors, and is open for purchase. Now, according to the new information, Huawei in-house has a new Qingyun W510 desktop for government and enterprise users, equipped with Huawei’s own Kunpeng 920 processor, and HiSilicon’s self-developed independent display.

The data of this Qingyun W51 0 desktop is not available but the relevant information of the machine is a device is spotted on the support page.

Huawei’s official website shows that the Qingyun W510 desktop is equipped with a 24-core Kunpeng 920 processor, with 8GB of memory and 512GB SSD as standard. In terms of the graphics card, Qingyun W510 desktop can choose AMD 1GB independent display and HiSilicon 1GB independent display.

Qingyun W510 desktop computer uses the same design language as MateStation. According to reports, some units have already used this desktop computer.

Huawei Qingyun W510 new Huawei Qingyun W510


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