Huawei ranked first in China smartphone market share 2016-2019

According to the Chinese smartphone market share from 2016 Q1 to 2019 Q4 report, Huawei ranked first with 35% of market share. This data represents the Chinese smartphone market share by quarter (from 2016-2019) by top OEMs.

China smartphone market share 2016-2019:

  • Huawei from 16% to 35% (First)
  • Vivo from 11% to 17% (Position 4th to 2nd)
  • Oppo from 10% to 16% (Position 5th to 3rd)
  • Apple from 12% to 14% (Position 2nd to 4th)
  • Xiaomi from 12% to 9% (Position 3rd to 5th)
  • Meizu from 5% to 1%, (From no ranking to 6th)
  • Samsung from 8% to less than 1 %, (Falling out of the first six)

Chinese smartphone market share

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Source – Counterpoint


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