Huawei ranked first in smartphone market sales in first two weeks of 2024

As per the latest report from Counterpoint, in China’s weekly smartphone sales, Huawei returns to the Chinese market as the number one smartphone sales leader in the first two weeks of 2024.

Huawei’s sales share has been declining since the imposition of U.S. sanctions in 2019, and this climb marks the first time it has regained the top spot. Reportedly, the Huawei Mate 60 series helped gain the top spot. The device is powered by its self-developed Kirin 9000S chip, which is a key driver of Huawei’s recent success.

The report also stated that China’s high-end smartphone market will grow by 27% in 2023. Canalys report showed that mainland China shipped 73.9 million smartphones in Q4 2023, with Huawei increasing by 47% and returning to the top four.

Huawei ranked first in smartphone market sales (1)

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