Huawei R&D investment in 2020 reached 17.46 billion euros, surpassing Apple, Microsoft, and Intel

According to the latest report, the EU 2021 Industrial R&D Scoreboard (ScoreBoad 2021) was announced and Huawei has ranked in the 2nd position. Huawei’s R&D investment in 2020 reached 17.46 billion euros (approximately 125.9 billion yuan). Of course, this figure is actually less than the 141.8 billion yuan R&D expenditure announced in Huawei’s 2020 annual report.

Huawei’s ranking has risen by one place compared with last year, and it has risen by six places from the 2016 list. In the TOP 10, Google’s parent company Alphabet ranked first, with an R&D investment of 22.47 billion euros (about 162 billion yuan). The 3-10 companies were Microsoft, Samsung, Apple, Facebook, Volkswagen, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Intel, and Johnson & Johnson.

Switzerland’s Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Japan’s Toyota, etc., which were among the top 10 in the 2016 list, will be out of the 2021 TOP10.

Huawei R&D Ranked 2nd


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