Huawei reading new features WebBrain and Knowledge Graph announced

During the HDC 2022, held from November 4 to 6, Huawei introduced two new features of Huawei Read “WebBrain Search” and “Knowledge Graph”.

Huawei WebBrain Feature

According to the official description, the WebBrain search function can help users answer knowledge points or extend reading in real-time. Huawei said that when reading content that they do not understand or are interested in, users do not need to stop to check the information, and can conduct a real-time intelligent search.

According to reports, WebBrain will perform intent recognition and query based on the keywords of the sentence selected by the user, and automatically organize and aggregate the relevant knowledge content of the whole network, generate authoritative knowledge answers with references, and finally obtain content with complete elements and complete structure.

Cutting-edge HarmonyOS AI has helped apps, such as Petal Clip, HUAWEI Books, and AI Voice, deliver an even better experience, opening up more knowledge and services than ever. The newly released WebBrain is the first-ever authoritative, multilingual knowledge retrieval and generation model, streamlining reading and searches.

Meanwhile, Huawei also launched 3D real-scene mapping, which can use 2500 photos to render an area of up to 5 km2 in just 30 minutes, with a meticulous level of detail.

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