Huawei receives first CC EAL4+ security certificate for 5G

CCN (Centro Criptologico National), a Spain certification authority, issued the certificate to Huawei 5900 Series 5G gNodeB software on May 20. CC certification is an international framework evaluating security standards, and the one that Huawei received was “the highest level at which it is likely to be economically feasible to retrofit to an existing product line.”

This certificate indicates the security of Huawei 5G base station products reaches the world-leading level and can provide trusted security assurance for 5G wireless access.

What is CC EAL4+ Security Certificate?

CC (Common Criteria) certification is an International standard in evaluating the security of a product or platform. There are seven assurance levels – EAL1 through EAL7.

Huawei believes that trust needs to be based on facts, facts need to be verifiable, and verification needs to be based on common standards. By using industry practices, certification is the most effective way to address security issues, said Jay Chen, vice president of Huawei Asia Pacific.

The awarding of the world’s first 5G CC EAL4+ certificate once again demonstrates our 5G leadership, Jay said.



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