Huawei released a high-efficiency antenna model point

At the MWC22 Barcelona, ​​Huawei and mobile operator Telenor held a joint press conference and released a high-efficiency antenna model point. As far as history as concerned, this is the first commercial use of high-efficiency antennas to achieve site energy saving. In practice, the highest single-station energy consumption can be saved by 15%.

Huawei said that Telenor has cooperated with Huawei to improve the energy efficiency of network equipment. This time, the high-efficiency antenna model project carried out in the DTAC sub-network in Thailand uses Huawei’s high-efficiency antenna based on SDIF technology to achieve the highest single-site 15% energy savings.

It is reported that the energy consumption of wireless access network accounts for about 90% of the entire network.

“Antenna plays an important role as a node that transmits energy to users in the network,” said Tanveer Mohammad, senior vice president of Telenor, ”

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