Huawei released a new update for Alpha S

Huawei on its social account announced that it will push a new OTA upgrade for the Huawei smart cockpit of the Alpha S HI version. Here’s the official changelog.

1. The car schedule is more synchronized with the mobile phone

A new calendar application adaptation is added on the car terminal, which can be synchronized with the calendar of Huawei mobile phones.

2. Personal account login is more convenient

Optimize the account login experience, you can continue to complete account switching and login after shifting gears, and automatically switch personalized information such as seat position/music/navigation;

The local ADS test records are automatically synchronized with the cloud, and there is no need to repeat the test when changing mobile phones or cars.

3. Speech recognition is more accurate

Added the function of calling 400 for help by voice, making it one step faster to ask for help;

In addition, in the state of no network, you can also dial 400 for help by voice to solve the problem of asking for help in basements and remote areas;

Optimize the accuracy of voice wake-up to make voice interaction more accurate.

4. The audio strategy is more intelligent, and key sound effects are given priority to remind

Upgrade the sound strategy to enhance the priority of steering, reversing and parking warning sounds in the scene of listening to music and talking, so that the warning sounds will not be missed, ensuring driving safety;

The navigation volume and call volume in AutoNavi can be adjusted separately. When the call volume is increased, the navigation volume remains the same;

Optimize the volume adjustment of the simulated sound waves. When the track mode is turned on, the sound wave simulation is not forced to be turned on;

Addresses occasional audio-known issues.

5. Other cockpit optimizations

Seat memory interaction logic optimization;

The central control screen is optimized.

Huawei released a new update for Alpha S

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