Huawei releases a new generation of 40kW DC charging modules

According to the latest information from the Huawei Digital Energy official account, from June 11 to 15, 2022, the World Electric Vehicle Conference (EVS35) will be held in Oslo, Norway. The innovative value of Huawei’s new generation of 40kW DC charging modules is mainly reflected in the following four aspects:

More reliable:

Using innovative full glue and full isolation process, it can operate reliably for a long time in harsh environments, and the annual failure rate is less than 0.2%. Moreover, it supports intelligent operation and maintenance reminders and OTA remote upgrades, saving labor on the station;

More efficient:

Efficiency is 1% higher than the industry average. Taking a 120kW charging pile as an example, compared with the industry level, it can save about 1140 kWh of electricity every year;

More silent:

The operating decibel is 9dB lower than the industry average, and the fan automatically adjusts the speed to achieve low temperature and low noise. Eliminate the user’s noise trouble, and it is easy to select the location of the charging pile;

Fully adaptable:

Support EMC Class B, suitable for all scenarios; wide voltage range, meet the charging needs of different models (different charging voltages), and adapt to the development and evolution of future models.

According to the needs of different charging scenarios, Huawei Digital Energy provides partners with components, products, solutions, or combinations thereof flexibly; at this event, it also showcased residential applications that are suitable for residential scenarios and adopt an integrated architecture of light, storage, and charging. charging solution.

Huawei Digital Energy also shared the vision of integrating power electronics and digital technologies to promote the development of charging networks in a high-quality direction with good experience, green efficiency, and smooth evolution, and to accelerate the process of transportation electrification.

40kW DC charging modules

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