Huawei releases eKitStor Xtreme series M.2 flash memory modules

At Huawei Data Storage New Year New Product Launch, the Chinese tech giant Huawei officially launched a new data lake solution, aiming to help various industries such as finance, government, operators, education and scientific research fully release data assets. potential.

Huawei also released new all-flash storage products for the commercial market and distribution market, promoting the inclusiveness of flash memory in all scenarios.

Huawei has also launched storage products covering different capacities from TB level to PB level for the commercial market , realizing full flash storage for entry-level main memory and backup.

The new products include the OceanStor Dorado 2100, the industry’s first AA architecture entry-level all-flash NAS storage focused on unstructured data, the OceanStor Dorado 2000, a SAN storage with upgraded capabilities, and the OceanStor Dorado 3000, which supports SAN & NAS integration.

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