Huawei releases next-generation data center for the world

According to the information, Huawei held a next-generation data center conference in Songshan Lake, Dongguan. During the event, Huawei Data Center Energy Corps released the next-generation data center concept and new power supply solution Power Module 3.0 to the world.

Yang Yougui, Senior Vice President of Huawei and CEO of Huawei Data Center Energy Corps, introduced the four characteristics of the next-generation data center, including low-carbon symbiosis, integration and simplicity, autonomous driving, and safety and reliability.

Low-carbon symbiosis: It aims to achieve sustainable development by promoting the greening of data center resources, efficient utilization and recyclability of the entire life cycle.

Convergence and simplicity: Through the simplicity of the architecture, the construction period of a data center with 1,000 cabinets is reduced from more than 18 months to 6 to 9 months; through the simplicity of the power supply, the delivery time is shortened from 2 months to 2 weeks; through the simplicity of temperature control , maximize the use of natural cold sources, and change from multiple heat exchanges to one heat exchange.

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Autonomous driving: Through automatic operation and maintenance, 2,000 cabinet inspections can be completed in 5 minutes; through self-optimization of energy efficiency, the optimal cooling strategy can be deduced from 1.4 million algorithm combinations within 1 minute.

Safe and reliable: Through AI predictive maintenance, from “treatment” to “preventive treatment”; through architectural security, from devices to DC, an all-round security line of defense is built, so that the system availability reaches 99.999%.

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